Post-Nostalgia is a movement started by Nika Simovich. It seeks to create a graphic identity that does not reference the past. Even though it may be impossible to do so, it is equally important to try.

A Manifesto

Past < Present

History cannot be neglected, however, we strive to give meaning to today by raising awareness of the over-usage of nostalgia.

Nostalgia ≠ Authenticy

A piece doesn't need to be reminiscent of the past to prove that it is genuine.

Design for the Medium

Websites shouldn't look like the internet was created yesterday.

Respect the Present

Everyday is a gift!

Digital is Digital

#nofilter shouldn't be a necessary hashtag.

Nostalgia is not bad, it is unnecessary

We do not think nostalgia looks bad, we think it is sad and counterintuitive to depend on the past to define our present.